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The Inorganic Biochemistry Discussion Group (IBDG) serves the UK community of Inorganic Biochemists and Bioinorganic Chemists. The IBDG was founded in 1975 to encourage “activities relating to teaching and research concerning the biological function of those elements whose study is normally considered to be within the purview of inorganic chemistry “. Membership is open to all interested chemists, molecular life scientists and medical researchers interested in the interface between inorganic chemistry and the life/medical sciences.

The Group’s activities now include the organisation or sponsorship of at least two scientific meetings per year, highlighting news of interest to members, and a student bursary scheme to give financial help to student members wishing to attend conferences.

Our Logo

ibdglogosmlThe IBDG logo was designed in the 1970s by Sir Harry Kroto (Nobel Laureate) when he was at The University of Sussex with Roger Thorneley and other former members of The IBDG. The logo integrates the letters I-B-D-G into a flower motif that can also be interpreted as a central transition metal ion with p- and d-orbitals.

For more about the history behind our logo please read the article “Dotting the i” in our Summer 2016 Newsletter.

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